You ask the Questions. We'll share the Answers.

You ask the Questions. We'll share the Answers.

What is a Cycle Boat Tour Cruise?

Cycle. Cruise. Connect.
AHOY! Experience paradise the way it was meant to be seen, by water. Come aboard our custom built USCG inspected 35' pontoon cycle boat designed with human power in mind. How fun would it be to power your own boat? Family, friends, co-workers alike sit on our comfortable gel covered bike seats, with backs at individual cycle stations that directly propels a paddle wheel that is built on the stern of the boat, which will get you crusin' as we crank your tunes! We have a gas engine on board in case you want to be a lounger and cruise! Pedaling is not required, its optional!

Each cycle station has a flush mounted cup holder set in a durable Corian table top along with individual coolers that passengers can easily access their own beverages and snacks. The cycle stations are "State of the Art" peddling on the boat. Cycle station has levels of resistance which the Captain can automatically raise or lower the big blue paddle water to add to your cycling experience.

Passengers can pedal at their own pace or you can find extra lounge seating to sit, or space to stand and dance to your favorite tunes. Loungers and pedalers can switch places at any time to enjoy the views and company.

Enjoy the best parties on the water cruising the waterway of Marco Island.

Where Do We Park and Board for our Tour Cruise?

Parking is easy. There is free parking for our passengers in the Rose Marina parking lot. Our Cycle Boat is conveniently located in Marco Island, FL at Rose Marina, 951 Bald Eagle Drive. We are located in A-dock slip #17. Look for our sign. Rose Marina is approximately 20 minutes from Naples and 5 minutes from anywhere on Marco Island.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your cruise departure time.

Do we really have to peddle?

YES! That is the best part. If you want to relax, stand, or dance. It's your choice if you want to be a peddler or lounger or you can switch! We have a gas power engine to keep us going and get us back to the dock! It's as easy as riding a bike.
No hills on the water, however the Master Captain has the ability to increase or decrease the resistance to cycle depending on your intensity preferences.
For our cycle classes, your Instructor and the Captain will set the pace.

Is there a bathroom on board?

YES! This is one of our unique features. A private, walk in adult height head with wash area and fresh running water. Always cleaned and sanitized.

Can I drink beverages on the boat tour cruise?

Yes! All beverages. If you choose to bring alcoholic beverages, we encourage every passenger over the age of 21 to be responsible. Please refer to Our GOOD NEIGHBOR POLICY. No hard liquor , straight shots ,and glassware allowed due to the insurance liability.

Do we need to bring ice?

No! Here is the magic: The center of our long table has built in coolers filled with ice. It will keep your beverages and food chilled if needed, and we supply cups!

What if it rains or in case of extreme weather?

Brief rain showers are not uncommon in Southwest Florida. Our cycle boat pedals rain or shine thanks to our protective rain proof canopy that covers the boat.

In case of extreme weather or winds, the Captain may elect to delay departure or cancel the cruise. If the cruise is canceled due to weather, a full valued voucher will be given for another cruise based on availability or refund. Your safety is our priority. You will be given advance notice.

Can I leave my Captain and Crew a tip?

If you had a great experience and your crew added to your enjoyment, please feel free to share your appreciation.

What should I bring on the boat tour cruise?

Bring your party personality plus we recommend:

Drinks: All beverages. If you choose to bring alcoholic beverages, we encourage every passenger over the age of 21 to be responsible. Please refer to Our GOOD NEIGHBOR POLICY. No hard liquor , straight shots ,and glassware allowed due to the insurance liability.

Snacks: You can bring your own snacks, anything your group would like to munch on.

Music: Part of the fun and uniqueness of a cycle boat cruise is you can be the DJ. Bring your fun play mix if you wish. We have Bluetooth speaker system and can get your party jumpin!

Our crew also has their play list available. We ask you pick your music wisely, as we don't want to offend anyone on our Public cruises.

Footwear: Be comfortable! But we would like you to wear shoes of some sort. If you are doing a fitness cruise, you may want to wear closed-toe shoes. No clip ins required.

Water: Water..Hydrate! Bring your water bottles. If you forget we do have water on board. We have a full canopy for sun protection

How do I book my cruise?

Just follow these three easy steps!

1) Click Book Now 2) Bring Your Drinks 3) Enjoy The Cruise

  1. BOOK NOW - Click any of the "Book Now" buttons and follow the navigation.
    • Select available date and time.
    • Select Public (per seat) or Private Tour (entire boat).
    • Select # of passengers
    • Enter contact information and billing information
    • SIGN THE WAIVER - A simple waiver is necessary for insurance purposes and this will be easy for you to select and sign. NOTE: Each passenger must have a signed waiver provided.
  3. ENJOY THE CRUISE - Now this is the Best Part = All you (and your party) need do is show up with your I.D. and let the party begin! All cruises leave from our dock at Rose Marina in Marco Island, FL.

    NOTE: Please take a look at our other Frequently Asked Questions (Q&As) or Contact Us with any questions you may have. Otherwise, we'll be at the dock waiting for you!

How do I pay for my boat tour & cruise?

All reservations are made with our state-of-the-art secured reservation system. You may pay with Visa, Mastercard, Discover or Amex. Occasionally, we may be able to take a walk up request to get on board if the cruise has available seating. Our crew can swipe your card and you can sign the waiver on board. We recommend you make your reservations ahead to ensure your seats.

Who Captains the cruise?

The cycle boat is piloted by a Captain holding the required Master Captains Certification. An experience First Mate or deck hand is on board to assist you in the fun or to serve.

How many passengers can the cycle boat hold?

The cycle boat can accommodate up to 18 passengers, in addition to the Captain and First Mate. We have 10 cycle stations and additional seating for 8 more plus lots of comfortable room to walk around or dance.

On a Public Cruise, we require at least 4 passengers to fill your time slot. It doesn't necessarily have to be all from your group. If we have to cancel due to the number of passengers, we will issue a full refund if we are unable to reschedule your cruise.

Are there age restrictions?

Our tour cruises are designed with families in mind. Review our cruise schedule information for specific age requirements. Private cruises, all ages are welcome.

Can we reserve private parties on the Paradise Cycle Boat Tour Cruise?

WE SPECIALIZE IN THEM! We enjoy tailoring private, full boat reservations to your party's specific needs. Whether you are celebrating a birthday party, planning a bachelorette party, promoting your company team building or reunion programs, we can do it with you! Let us know how we can make your cruise special.

Is there a weight limit for passengers?

Yes, unfortunately due to the nature of the vessel passengers over 300 pounds will not be able to comfortably ride the paradise cycle boat

What's the best site to leave a review?

We love getting reviews from our passengers because that helps spread the word and shares how much fun it is to have a party on the water. Also, we're always happy to learn from our passengers.

Please leave a review on Facebook, Google or TripAdvisor

Thank you, Paradise Cycle Boat Crew

What is our cancellation policy?

If a cancellation must be made, call 239-300-8176. No cancellations accepted by email.

Public Boat Tours -Cancellation made at least 48 hours prior to your reservation will issue a voucher if you wish to re-book your cruise or full refund issued. Cancellation made less than 48 hours prior to your reservation will not be entitled to a voucher or refund. Missed tours will not be refunded. No exceptions to this policy.

Private Boat Tours - Cancellations made at least 14 days prior to your reservation will be issued a voucher if you wish to re-book or full refund. Cancellation made less than 14 days of your reservation will not be entitled to a voucher or refund. No exceptions to this policy.

Cancellation due to Extreme Weather - If the Captain decides that he has to cancel a particular cruise due to extreme weather, (including thunder, lightening, or high winds) passengers will receive a voucher for a future cruise or refund.

Note: Due to the fact that we do not double book, we appreciate your commitment to your reservation. We often turn down passengers in order to hold your reservation. Thank you.

Safety is our priority

Safety with fun is our priority. The Master Captain will review ALL safety procedures before your cruise embarks. Our custom cycle boat was built by one of the top pontoon builders in the world. Construction went through a rigorous inspection before it was shipped to Marco Island, Florida. Our vessel has been inspected by the USCG as with our cruise routes. Our Captains are certified USCG Master Captains which qualifies them to operate a USCG inspected boat up to 50 tons. We have life jackets for everyone. We also have three fire extinguishers on board. In addition, we have a power engine if we need to get out of extreme weather quickly or to get us back to the dock. Safety instructions are given prior to every cruise.

Paradise Cycle Boat Good Time - Good Neighbor Policy

Paradise Cycle Boat Cruises wants to provide a fun and memorable experience with safety, respect, kindness and self-control as tour goals for staff, passengers, shore, waterways, boat and dock property. We encourage appropriate behavior throughout the tour.

The Captain is in charge of the boat and will ask everyone to abide to our policies. Inappropriate behavior may result in early termination of your cruise without a refund. Examples include but are not limited to: extreme intoxication, littering, damage to the boat, equipment, docks, excessive noise, offensive language / behavior, failing to adhere to crew leadership and safety instruction. We look to sharing paradise with you!

Will I feel comfortable with social distancing on your boat?

Our captains and crew comply with CDC and USCG guidelines and social distancing.

  • We have adjusted our seating up to 10 passengers, instead of 20
  • Our goal is to provide our passengers a comfortable and safe environment while crusing our spectacular waterways
  • We have a private full size bathroom on board with hand washing area and hand soap.
  • We have hand sanitizing areas on board.

Call us at 239 300 8176 for additional questions

Rule Notices

  • All cruises are non-smoking
  • Must have a valid ID for check in
  • Must be 21 or older with valid ID to consume alcohol onboard
  • Passengers must sign electronic waivers prior to boarding
  • Services animals only with certification papers
  • We will stop to see dolphins but not for swimming
  • No glassware allowed on board
  • Must have a good time!

NOTE: Captain is in charge of the boat and will ask everyone to abide to the policies to ensure that all passengers enjoy their tour cruise. Any person or groups exhibiting inappropriate behavior will be asked to leave without refund.