Private cruise special

..ONE FREE TICKET when you book your private cruise

Its a great time when family and friends get together to reafirm your love together.
Come aboard and celebrate your 1st,10th, 50th or 70th, on Paradise cycle boat cruises. We will celebrate them with you in the Marco Island & Naples, FL area Waterways.

What a wonderful cruise with the 2 best Master Captain Deborah and Master Captain Mike. I thought it would be fun but never imagined it would be this terrific!!! Our group was terrific and I can't say enough about how much fun we had. I am going again tor sure! My friends and my husband and my Mom can't wait for the next cruise. I felt so safe out on the water with Captain's Deborah and Mike! SO FANTASTIC!!!!!
Also I have to mention how talented Captain Deborah is with making her island inspired jewelry that she showcases on board their beautiful cycle boat! And when you meet Luke you will fall in love! Best time ever!!!

Denise Benjamin