Bring your party personality plus we recommend:

Drinks: All beverages. If you choose to bring alcoholic beverages, we encourage every passenger over the age of 21 to be responsible. Please refer to Our GOOD NEIGHBOR POLICY. No hard liquor , straight shots ,and glassware allowed due to the insurance liability.

Snacks: You can bring your own snacks, anything your group would like to munch on.

Music: Part of the fun and uniqueness of a cycle boat cruise is you can be the DJ. Bring your fun play mix if you wish. We have Bluetooth speaker system and can get your party jumpin!

Our crew also has their play list available. We ask you pick your music wisely, as we don't want to offend anyone on our Public cruises.

Footwear: Be comfortable! But we would like you to wear shoes of some sort. If you are doing a fitness cruise, you may want to wear closed-toe shoes. No clip ins required.

Water: Water..Hydrate! Bring your water bottles. If you forget we do have water on board. We have a full canopy for sun protection